audiobook studio

Quality is key when it comes to Audiobook Production.


It's all about the listener experience, and we understand that better than anyone. 

Our recording facilities are best in class, and no expense has been spared in ensuring stunning recordings every time. Sound-proofed rooms with extensive acoustic treatment, high-end microphones, and industry-standard recording hardware are what set us apart from the competition.

We understand that there are a lot of steps involved in creating an audiobook for online distribution. That's why we offer a turn-key solution for Audiobook Production. Our production package includes:

• Narration Recording

• Dialogue Editing

• Mastering

• Delivery to Technical Specifications



Title: Home Stretch (Audiobook)

Author: Graham Norton

Narrated by: Graham Norton

Client: Hodder & Stoughton/ Hatchette, London, UK

Brief: Audiobook recording project, with remote direction from Heavy Entertainment, London, UK


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