motion graphics

Motion Graphics video production is an exciting new development at Half-Light. We have partnered with motion graphics guru Alasdair Wynn to provide this innovative new service. Alasdair has thirty years of industry experience under his belt, having designed motion graphics for Sky Sports, BBC One, and many more.  


We're busy compiling our own motion graphics showreel at the moment, but check Alasdair's own work while we finish ours!










We create engaging content in 3 easy steps:

1. Design

2. Production

3. Render

Let us help you tell your story with stunning Motion Graphic videos for your product, idea, or service. 

Whether you're a marketing agency, brand, or individual, we can create unforgettable audiovisual experiences for web, television, and cinema.

We got all aspects of production covered  from start to finish:

• Copywriting

• Storyboarding

• Voiceover Talent Selection

• Voiceover Recording

• Music Licensing

• Sound Effects Editing

• Sound Mixing

• Motion Graphics Production


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