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Connect with your audience.

Half-Light Studio develops, produces, and delivers premium quality audiovisual content at our production facility in Cork City. Helping you to communicate clearly with your audience.

Providing multi-camera studio interviews, virtual events and conferences,  green screen filming, multi-mic audio recording, and more.


Whether it's in-studio, virtual or hybrid; live or pre-recorded; Half-Light provides services for the following industries:

- Education

- Marketing

- Software Development

Film, Television & Radio

- Corporate Communications (Internal & External)


Combining high-end production values with creativity, Half-Light Studio creates content that audiences will connect with. 


Working with you to understand who your audience is and what your goals are. Whether it’s creating an overall audiovisual strategy for your company, or focusing on the audience for a specific video podcast, Half-Light can help get your project up and running.



Knowing what works in video and audio, and being proud of developing creative ideas that excite, inspire and stand out. From the beginnings of an idea to the perfect treatment, helping you decide on the format that works best for you and your audience.



From branded content to documentaries and interviews, Half-Light has experience across multiple genres. Whether it’s scripting, formatting, talent management, filming, recording, editing or final delivery, Half-Light Studio can look after all aspects of audiovisual content production.






& ADr

Half-Light Studio offers world-class Voiceover and ADR recording services.


The studio offers an acoustically treated and isolated Control Room and separate Live Room and Vocal Booth to ensure high quality recordings every time.

The Control Room is equipped with a C24 mixing desk, Avid HD IO, Genelec 5.1 monitoring system, and a host of other audiovisual equipment. There is also a large viewing window into the adjacent Live Room, and talkback between each room.

The Live Room and Vocal Booth feature picture playback monitors for recording to picture. The studio's microphone collection includes the venerable Neumann U87 for voiceover recording, and the pairing of Sennheiser 416 with DPA 4060 for ADR sessions.

All recording sessions can be attended and directed remotely via numerous platforms including:


- Source Connect Pro

- Source Connect Now

- Zoom

- Skype

Source Connect Pro is a flexible and powerful remote production solution, allowing high quality audio and timecode to be sent and received to and from studios around the world.

Source Connect Now, Zoom, and Skype offer great freedom to directors and producers who cannot attend the session in-studio, but still need to monitor and direct talent remotely. All our remote sessions use clean audio feeds directly from the microphones in the studio and send them directly from the mixing desk into the conference call. You won't miss a syllable. 




With a 5.1 mix room and a sound editorial room, Half-Light can tackle any genre.


The Control Room runs AVID Pro Tools hardware and software enabling seamless movement of projects and media between facilities. 

Creating highly detailed cinematic soundtracks with a firm emphasis on narrative and creative thinking is the job of Half-Light’s experienced and versatile sound talent. Taking care of every aspect of the sound post-production – including:


5.1 Dubbing Mixing/ Re-recording Mixing

Dialogue Editing

Voiceover Recording


Sound Design


Every project is different. So whether it is film, TV, drama, comedy or documentary, our experience over multiple genres gives us the ability to creatively adapt and respond to your project’s unique needs.


3 Dunlop House

Marina Commercial Park

Centre Park Road

Cork City





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