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Colour Grading

Half-Light offers colour grading for film and television, and houses an in-house grading suite. Our 4k grade suite was designed with high-end drama and factual colour correction in mind. Half-Light's colour grading suite is based on the Da Vinci Resolve system.

We also have in-house Digital Cinema Package (DCP) creation services, which means we can have your film festival-ready in a single convenient and cost-effective workflow. No more last minute rushing to get the job done right before cinema screenings!

Video editing


Whether working in SD, HD, 2K or 4k the combination of AVID Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro means we can offer the widest range of creative tools to help producers realise their artistic ambitions. Half-Light’s state-of-the-art storage solutions and digital workflows enable us to move projects seamlessly from pre production to delivery. 


Half-Light’s production suites have the latest AVID technology, comfortable surroundings, complimentary refreshments and free Wi-Fi connectivity. Our facilities are together under one roof which offers the ability to work on the same project in multiple suites simultaneously – very helpful for those high-pressure, fast turnaround projects where the deadline can’t be moved.

Audio post Production 


With a 5.1 mix room and a sound editorial room, Half-Light can tackle every genre. Our facilities also include a ‘floated’ ADR stage and voice over recording facility which can accommodate four performers simultaneously. The sound rooms run the latest AVID ProTools hardware and software enabling seamless movement of projects and media around the facility. 

Creating highly detailed cinematic soundtracks with a firm emphasis on narrative and creative thinking is the job of Half-Light’s experienced and versatile sound editorial team. They’ll take care of every aspect of the sound post-production – including dialogue editing, ADR supervision, sound FX editing, and sound design.


Every project is different. So whether it is film, TV, drama, comedy or documentary, the sound editorial team’s experience over multiple genres gives them the ability to creatively adapt and respond to your project’s unique needs.

 e-Learning content creation

Turn your company’s tutorials, and training material into engaging video content. Our experienced team will assist you with end to end production using a combination of scripting, video production, voiceover recording, graphic design, and more at our Cork City production facility.

Half-Light’s studio features a sound proof, acoustically treated, and light controlled green screen stage, ideal for filming tutorials and training materials. Our high-end camera equipment, teleprompter, and sound recording tools mean that your training video's production values will not fade over time. 


Half-Light offers localisation services for audiovisual materials. Preserve the production quality of your original content while respecting the differences in your new audience.


All of our localisation production work is carried out by experienced industry professionals in a world-class production facility. Services include: 

- Dubbing

- Audio and video editing
- Subtitling
- Transcription

Dubbing Styles:
1. Voiceover (UN Style) - Best for narration, educational content, documentaries.
2. Dubbing without lip-sync - Non-broadcast videos, text heavy videos.
3. Dubbing with lip-sync - Broadcast videos for foreign audience, commercials, high end videos etc.


adr & voiceover recording

Voice recording is in our genetic make-up. Over the past decade, Half-Light's commitment to quality voice recording has resulted in some amazing collaborations with teams all over the world.

We have a purpose-built studio and control room for recording voiceover, ADR, crowd, and commentary. Our production facility can link to thousands of other studios worldwide, and we offer connectivity via Source Connect, Skype and phone. 


Our microphone selection is world class including the venerable Neumann U87, Sennheiser 416, and DPA lav microphones. Recordings made at Half-Light have reached some the biggest cinemas, TV and radio stations the world over.





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